The problem

Climate change and rising sea levels due to global warming are causing more frequent and severe flooding in coastal areas and river basins. These areas are protected by dikes and flood walls designed for the known high water levels. These relatively high dikes form a physical barrier to local traffic.To allow traffic to go though coupures (gaps)have been created in those dikes , which are almost always open due to normal water levels. Most coupures are manually closable fitted water doors which are stacked to the required height .With increasing demand through deteriorating conditions, this system is rapidly becoming obsolete.   

The solution

In response to the changing climatic conditions, Block It has developed a permanently installed concrete flood defense system that can be mobilized instantly. It consists of a concrete housing placed in the ground with a built-in, hydraulically height-adjustable concrete element. This coupure can be supplied in variable lengths and heights. The sliding element can work manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The hydraulics are powered on the main electrical supply but can also be fitted with accumulators. In order to guarantee a very high operational reliability in the event of a power failure or hydraulic loss, a mechanical back-up system can be fitted. When the system is not mobilized the top part is closed off, so that no dirt, sludge or sand can get into the housing.


The Block it coupure meets the key criteria formulated by the Dutch ministry “Rijkswaterstaat” in the context of its flood risk management  High Water Protection Program (HWBP).
The Block It Coupure has a unique collection of features(USP’s) that distinguishes it from other flood defense systems that can be mobilised.

  • Quickly mobilised 
  • Invisible when not operational
  • Resistant to heavy impact (EXTERNALLY TESTED)
  • Insensitive to theft or sabotage
  • Remote control optional
  • Can be built on any surface
  • Concrete has a life expectancy of 100 years
  • Reliability through the use of proven techniques and materials
  • Mobilised construction not sensitive to weather conditions
  • Very low failure probability thanks to by back-up systems and minimizing human error. (EXTERNALLY TESTED)
  • Sustainable construction
  • Three models available in different sizes to be executed in 10 different versions.

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